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bulk transportation services

Every year, ECL handles and stores millions of tons of dry bulks from coal to iron ore. Our close proximity to major manufacturing units and consumers enables lower transportation costs and well-organized supply chain.

Our team has extensive experience in the supply chain of bulk cargo and is closely involved in every phase of the process – tracking, Inventory Management or Transportation.

We furnish every customer with customized and efficient logistics solution that meets their absolute requirement.

Our widespread network enables us to provide efficient & timely services at most economical and optimized rates.

And we have a strong commitment to safety and compliance and prove it with our past records as well.

Here are just some of the service benefits you can enjoy when you work with us:

  • Greater than ever capability to support the onward journey of cargo.
  •  The development of transport solutions enables effective and more cost-efficient supply chains.
  •  A single point of contact and solution provider from ship to delivery point.
  •  The logistics division that manages its own and attached fleet of haulage vehicles, giving you a factual, end to end solution.
  •  Timely delivery and status update.
  •  Absolute quality control of your cargo transition.

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